About Us

queer // infp // gemini // hufflepuff

I’m a twenty-seven year old massage therapist from the foothills of the sweet Appalachias. Raised in a religious, small town atmosphere, I fearfully realized I was queer by the age of eleven. I play guitar, love archery, and could live at renaissance festivals. A dreamer by nature, I tend to lose myself in books and nerdy tv shows (shout out to all my Browncoats out there). I prefer the outdoors, the quietness of the woods, and hate cities. Jane Austen will always hold a special place in my heart and I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts letter. 


transmasculine // queer // infp // pisces // hufflepuff

A bluegrass native, I’m the only member of the triad to have been raised in a major city. Nevertheless, I’ve grown a soft country soul. Reserved and probably a little too serious, my chest is full of flowers and a bold mountain heart. In my twenty-seven years, I’ve tried on a fair few identities before settling in my skin. I’m most at home behind the camera and buried in the hills of Appalachia.


queer // separated father // intj //  aquarius // gryffindor

I’m a twenty-eight year old Kentucky transplant originally from out west. Born with a wild heart in the dead of winter in an itty bitty town in southern Utah, I grew  up surrounded by bits of the Rocky Mountains. Most of my life has been spent in various spots on the west side of the Rockies, but I am enjoying getting to know the Appalachians. I am artistic, expressive, and love working with my hands. That translates into things like crafting, organizing, and gardening and I have a particular affinity for succulents. I’m prone to filling any and all containers left empty for too long with string of buttons, elephant bush, aloe, or some other variety of plant friend.

5 years old // hound mutt // hufflepuff

Rory was rescued by Rife and Ali in October of 2014 from a Humane Society in Kentucky, where she was underweight and terrified of everything. With gentleness and love, she grew into the soft sweet potato we know her as today.  Now she enjoys long naps, peanut butter, and hiking off-leash. She occasionally thinks she is a cat, perching on the back of couches, and only recently learned certain dog traits, such as fetch and tug-of-war, thanks to the arrival of her brother Ryder.


2 years old // shepherd mutt // gryffindor

Ryder was rescued by Adam in July of 2015 from a local rescue organization in Colorado. He was 8 weeks old when he was adopted and has been with Adam on every single adventure since. Some of his favorite things are toys of nearly any variety, long runs off-leash in the wilderness, and snuggling up on the couch with his people. We affectionately refer to him as the dumbest smart dog we’ve ever met, due to his abundance of cleverness and trainability, but lack of some necessary common sense things like spacial awareness to keep him from forgetting how big he is in a small space.


2 years old // husky mutt // ravenclaw

Aspen was rescued by all three of us in September of 2017 from a Humane Society in Kentucky. We were originally drawn to her calm, affectionate personality which was shining through even in a setting as chaotic and loud as a busy shelter. In typical husky fashion, she is clever, persistent, and a bit of an escape artist. She loves tennis balls, any and all food, and her people. Most of the time she can be found shadowing Adam from room to room while he goes about his day.

~12 months old // husky mutt ?? // foster pup

The newest addition to our little family is our foster pup Zoe (who is now officially adoptable since getting spayed)! Zoe came to us March 28, 2018 on a rescue transport with The Foster Farm for some 27 dogs and puppies all the way from Georgia! Zoe is a healthy, happy, curious puppy who has settled in well with our other three hellions. She is very, very sweet and hasn’t met a soul she doesn’t like! Bananas and apples are counted near the top of her favorite snacks, but honestly she has yet to turn down any bit of food we’ve offered her. We are so excited to find Zoe the wonderful forever home that she deserves.

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