Imagine you are sitting on your front porch, a view of the mountains stretched out in front of you, warm cup of coffee in your hand. There’s nothing you have to do today, no plans, no meetings; your only goal is to take care of you. That’s what we’re searching for in life. It’s also the vibe we are trying to create with our blog here in this online space. If that’s something you’re looking for too, then we hope you find some of it here. This blog is a safe place. So grab a plate of pancakes and pull up a chair. Breathe. There is no judgment here.

          If you are wondering what exactly this blog is about, it’s about a few different things- self care, the best tasting tea, how to hide Christmas presents when both of your partners are looking for them. But most of all it’s about our little poly family, our pack of sweet hellhounds, and our dream to live in the middle of the forest, making soaps and raising babies. It’s about our life and our love, but it’s also about you. Ask questions, show us your beautiful families, tell us what your favorite flowers are.

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          We are a family of three equal, committed partners in a closed, polyamorous relationship. That means we are all in a relationship together, but not in any romantic relationships outside of that, and we do not recognize any type of hierarchy between us. Rife is the soft one, Ali is the dreamer, and Adam is the wild one. Currently we are working on navigating life in central Kentucky while also raising a pack of three rescue pups and bringing our dreams into the real world. If you want to know more about us individually (and about the pups individually!) you can check out our About Us section. We are also working on a FAQ page, so keep an eye out for that soon!

         We add new content on a regular basis. A full blog post will be live every Monday, but you can sometimes expect to see some fresh mini-posts throughout the week. If that isn’t enough for you, you can follow us on social media as well! Right now we have a Facebook page and an Instagram account.

       We are so excited that you are here and hope you find exactly what you are looking for. May your adventures be sweet, your hearts be happy, and your tea stay warm. Happy reading. 

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